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Recent Advances in Characterizing And Preserving Photographs: Spring School, Paris, June 5-13, 2019

Pont Alexander III, image by Diane Tafilowski

Today is the first day of the The 2019 Spring School: Recent Advances in Characterizing And Preserving Photographs, that takes place in Paris, and runs for two weeks.

The Spring School is a part of 4 year long initiative "Photographs: Perception and changes: An interdisciplinary approach on photography and its reception", that aims at developing and fostering collaborative and inter-disciplinary approach to an understanding of photographs. Multiple days of workshops, lectures, discussions and conferences are bringing together participants from around the world.

Paul Messier is one of Spring`s school main instructors and member of its scientific committee, he will be teaching on the subject of investigating Photographic Processes.

More information can be found here.

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