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"Photography as an Art", A Conference in Moscow

Our conservator, Karina Beeman, co-authored a talk with Tatiana Sayatina, Head of The Laboratory of Scientific Conservation of Photographs at The State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia,

The talk is titled "Photograph conservation training within the framework of The State Hermitage Museum and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation collaborative project: history, development and future perspective".

On the image above, left to right, standing: Bertrand Lavedrine, Ashley Farrell, Paul Messier, Angelica Rudenstine, Franziska Frey, Mariet Westermann, Alexandra Davydova, Vyacheslav Fedorov, Eric Pourchot, Tatiana Baranova, Natalya Avetyan, Robert Burton. Left to right, sitting: Karina Beeman, Tatiana Sayatina, Evgenya Glinka.

The State Hermitage Museum five-year collaborative project was completed in the 2015. The initiative was funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The grant was administered by the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation. Many specialists from the USA, France, Denmark, Germany, Norway and other countries participated in the project. More information about the project can be found here. The experience and knowledge acquired by the conservators during the project made it possible for them to lead internships and workshops for museum staff of national and international museums, and students of Russian universities. The newly established and well equipped lab is busy with projects. Photographs have become more in demand for the museum exhibitions.

The talk was presented by Tatiana earlier this week at the International conference “Photography as an Art: Current Trends in the Study and History of Fine Arts”, at the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow. More about the conference here.

It was a nice to revisit our project and see the tremendous progress made by Tatiana and her team!

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